Jigoshop E-commerce Platform

When you visit our website here, you may notice that one of our e-commerce category promote Jigoshop theme. Have you heard of Jigoshop? Jigoshop is one of the WordPress e-commerce plugin. Which is the same as woocommerce platform. Jigoshop is very well established e-commerce platform that combines broad functionality. It’s also optimised for the search engine as well. The platform covers 3 major features, such as Marketing Tools, SEO features and simple management. You can create gifts or coupons vouchers from the marketing tools. Adds-on with the powerful SEO features, your website can be very popular and recognizable. User friendly simple website management that’s allow you manage your online shop in minutes. There are many free and commercial Jigoshop plugin extensions for you to develop your online shop. With these powerful plugins, your website will boost your sales in no time. Many people around the globe trusted Jigoshop system, and it’s also commonly used for both small and big projects. 

Let me show you how easy it is to start using Jigoshop on WordPress platform:

1. If you already using WordPress, then you can skip the instruction below
2. If you do not have WordPress, then follow the few step below: 

1) Install your WordPress
2) Once installation complete, login onto your administrator backend
3) Click on the Plugins on the left panel 
4) Click on the Add New button on top 
5) Type JigoShop on the Search Box 
6) Click Install now button on the JigoShop Plugins
7) Click on the Activate Plugin 
8) You are ready to go for the Jigoshop (the function will show on the left panel)

So, now you may start using Jigoshop e-commerce to sell your product online. Well, if you are interested to get a ready make JigoShop e-commerce template, you may visit our website to purchase a JigoShop Template. Those template included the Jigoshop plugins and it fully design to suit for online business. Check it out now